We pick and choose what appears on the blog. Of course we do, but not based on if the commenter agrees with what is posted or not. Let’s take a moment here to explain how we go about approving or deleting comments under moderation here on this blog.

This blog belongs to MO, therefore he sets the rules. He reserves the right to display, edit or delete any comments as he see fit. Just as you wouldn’t encourage bad behavior in your home or workplace we do not allow it here either. Until now the only comments that have been deleted were spam.

Spams  and any comment if the intention was to attack, denigrate, diminish, harm or cause upset to an individual or group or the intention was to troll or hijack the conversation will be deleted.

On a few occasion we might edit a comment for formatting, for example if the pasted URL is so long it would stick out into the sidebar.

So to summarize:

We encourage you to comment and share your thoughts.

Any links or comment “signatures” or random links just to promote your stuff will be removed.

The name field is for your name, not the headline of your latest post or for SEO-boosting anchor text. Nicknames are fine, though like most people we prefer real names, and anyone using a blatant keyword-grab (“Custom Kitchen SEO Paris Hilton San Diego Hotel”) will be edited to match their email name or marked as spam.

Please be polite, courteous and stick to the topic. We all break the on-topic rule ourselves on occasion but politeness really can’t be stressed enough.

If we delete your comment by mistake then submit it again and tell us about it.

I hope that clears things up. Of course if you think any of this could be tweaked to work better let me know in private or in the comments 🙂