About The Author

Hello! I’m Mo Issa, and Welcome to my Blog

I am an entrepreneur who has started a second career as a writer. I have finally realized that I am indeed a spiritual being having an earthly experience, and understanding that has changed my life. I wake up every day at six and write for at least an hour. This discipline has made me very productive, alive and resulted in my self-help guide, The Shift: How to Awaken the Aliveness Within and my book of poetry, The Dense Mistiness of the Ordinary. I also blog once a week at mo-issa.com and other publications on topics such as Authenticity, Personal Growth, Productivity and Inner Peace.

I have founded and run my own successful company, Kimo Home, for over 25 years. With my passion for humanity and giving back to the local community, I’ve also founded an NGO Born to be Free Foundation which is aimed at supporting young boys from less privileged homes through quality education, mentorship and life skills.

I also speak regularly at conferences and workshops. I’ve spoken at the TEDx Accra Conference (2015), Africa Dialogues Conference (TEDx Accra 2017), Becoming More Conference by CHCL Africa (2017) as well as Africa HR Leaders Conference organized by OML Africa (2017).

In 2016 I launched a new initiative, The Authenticity Project which celebrates people fearlessly pursuing their passion by assisting them with a cash prize and a mentorship program.

When I am not writing, then I’m reading. I revel in the works of Khalil Gibran, Charles Bukowski, Ernest Hemmingway, Herman Hesse and Leo Tolstoy.  I also enjoy running in the rain and watching my favourite football team Manchester United play.

Below are some of my popular posts; I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them.


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