Sloane Street

I walk down Sloane Street

towards King’s Road.

There is an uneasiness

About the way I feel.

Every store, every brand

Every beautiful thing is like

a need that weighs on my shoulders.

An itch waiting to be


I find a small park with a few

trees and some common birds.

I sit on the bench for a few minutes.

Inside this patch of green are

well-groomed dogs.

They are not pleased.

They have become like the rest.

I cross the road

Meander between the Bentleys

And the Porsches.

On the other side

The most beautiful woman

I’ve ever seen.

I smile out of awe and respect

For the Supreme’s work.

She can’t smile back

Weighed down by her Gucci dress

Diamond Necklace

and emotionless face.

I go back to the trees and

The poodles and birds.

They ignore me,

but at least my shoulders

are free.

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