About The Author

“I get up every day to discover my aliveness so that I can inspire the world and myself to awaken to our authenticity, connection and inner peace.”

Mohammed ‘Mo’ Issa  is happy to have discovered his inner journey and is shifting his life to reclaim his authenticity. He finally gets it that he is a spiritual being having an earthly experience.

Mo received his Masters of Laws from London School of Economics but never ended up practising law. He rather founded his Business, Kimo Home Ltd almost twenty-five years ago and leads a team of over 100 with passion and vision.

His recent shift has seen him get certified as both a business coach and a life success coach leading many seminars in Ghana.

With a passion for humanity, Mo set up an NGO Born To Be Free Foundation which assists underprivileged kids in Ghana to live a better life through giving them quality education and personal growth training with an emphasis on nurturing their soccer talents.

He loves to write (usually when the clock hits 6 in the morning) and blog regularly. He’s been published by Elephant Journal, Rebelle Society and Daily Graphic.

Mo has powerful conversations with anyone and everyone reminding them the story The Death of Ivan Ilyich by Tolstoy where on his deathbed he asks:  “What if I lived all my life wrong?”

Mo lives with his wife, son and daughter in Ghana (West Africa) and loves to run regularly especially if it’s raining. He loves to read, treks nature, and watch his beloved Manchester United football team whenever he can.