She’s the Link

The roads are narrow and winding

Ice covering the black tar

A chill runs down my spine.

I open the door to this distinctive place.

She’s not there.

She won’t be there ever again.

It’s his home

Far and beyond where I’m from.

The walls are cold

The air trapped inside is chilled

I’m frozen

And yet he’s there

That’s why I’m here.

This place so far away removed

from who I’m

and yet I’m from him.

Slowly I start to warm up

as does the house.

It’s his infectious smile and

the wisdom that abounds.

There’s a constant halo

that surrounds him.

And yet I remain as aloof

to the neighbourhood as the

cold is to my being.

I guess she was the warmth

She was the link to this place

to where he’s from.

@Mo.Issa//She’s the link

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