The Hypnotic Flight of the Seagulls.


I walk the white sands

I arrive at the shoreline.

The Cape coast shore that is

Home to the longest beaches

And best pineapples

not as a whole

but rather as one-half.

The other half has remained in the city

still busy propagating all kinds

of unbecoming thoughts.

The nervousness of impending

Political instability,

Economy woes

Travelling out of my comforts

Long Flights. Busy schedule.

The half that came basks in glory.

The cloudless sky above,

the Sun on the ground

The sound of the waves

The breeze that caresses

The hypnotic flight

of the seagulls.

A cloud momentarily obscures the sun

the waves retreat in silence

The breeze subsides

the birds disappear into the horizon

I remain split

the two halves vying for supremacy

The fight postponed for another day

I just lay on the sand allowing

The waves to come and go as they please.

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