The Elevator

There are six of us going up the elevator

Me, and her with the intoxicating smile,

the inquisitive face, those gorgeous lips

and the others.

Many buttons are lit, some going to

the 23rd floor, others to the 44th floor

but someone is going up

with me to the rooftop.

The button is lit.

As the elevator rises in floors

so do my hopes.

A couple go out on the 23rd.

The doors close and we are

now four.

She catches my gaze and

turns away.

Floor 44, two men go out

and she gets ready to follow

She didn’t.

The doors close again.

We are finally alone.

My tongue freezes

My lips don’t move

The doors open.

She looks at me

Leaves a Chanel No.5 scented

trail behind her.

I follow.

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