His hands stretched out as if in the

Shavasana pose, only he was

Wearing his old jeans, chequered shirt

Black laceless converse shoes

His head on the lush green grass

With Hesse’s Siddartha in his left hand

and a magical airbrush in his right hand

He gazed at the cloudless blue sky

Like an artist in front of a canvas

he drew the people he wanted in it,

The boy with the inquisitive big brown eyes

The girl at the bus stop carrying a tote bag

the things he wanted to do,

Climb the highest mountain peak

Do the tango in Buenos Aires

Vagabond across South America

the sunsets and the full moons he wanted to see

the reasons he was willing to suffer for

the smiles he wanted to have.

A masterpiece in the making

the outline took no more than a few minutes

but the finished piece took a lifetime to create.





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