Mark and the Past

 It was the day before Christmas;

we met at a shopping mall.

Nineteen years since we last saw each other.

He was one of my best friends at college.

Mark and I reminisced about our

past escapades. I tried to talk about the now

and the future, but Mark just kept going

back to our memories.

The time when we were smashed,

and he smashed his brother’s

car into a lamppost. The time I dared him

to make a move on the girl, and he made

out with her. The time when he ruled

the college campus.

He was voted as the President.

I tried again to find out what he’d been up to,

his dreams.

He told me how Mrs. Houseman, our History teacher,

secretly fancied him.

I stopped asking and let him talk.

I figured that his past was much better than what he had now.

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