There Were 4 of Us

There were four of us
Me, my best friend, Sam, with the long hair
his annoying friend who constantly nagged and
there was his sweet little sister
No, we won’t go biking around the neighbourhood
I say to my mum.
We did.
The streets are empty
I’m off like there’s no tomorrow
wanting to be the first
hungry for adventure
never stopping to rest or
even contemplate the ride.
The nag would nag but follow
the sweet little sister would follow me
everywhere, even when I led her
into trouble.
Stray dogs
trespassing onto private land
navigating gutters
climbing small hills
getting mangoes down from the trees

Sam had his own time, stopping,
savouring and watching
Etching everything in his mind.
Content in what he did
listening to the music that he only heard
ignoring the noise that I released.

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