Don’t Judge

Dont Judge

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Sometimes we judge people too harshly because doing so from our perspective makes others look stupid and weak while at the same time that judgment makes us feel so much more superior. However, when we do judge people, we are defining our limitations and ourselves. We are showing no empathy for their plight, or a listening to their stories.

And the more you judge, the more you close the door to love, as love and can’t co-exist with judgment.

We all sin differently, we all have skeletons in our closet, and we all have different journeys to embark upon. And who decides what is right and what is wrong.


I know I’m not saying something new here. And I know I’m not saying something that is easy to do, but what I’m trying to state is that we should have this knowing inside of use as an ideal to aim for.

I dislike it, when people leave you with an impression, that you need to be like Mother Theresa, or a Buddhist Monk to be able to practice non-judgement and goodness in this world.

Sometimes people are going the wrong way, opposite to the direction of their soul, and we watch them, pity them and probably judge them. I’m not saying that you can switch that thought immediately. We will continue to judge them but at least start by understanding them and try to be an inspiration to them so that they could walk towards their rightful path.

There are different levels of judgement as some would bully or impose their opinions on others when judging them.Others would watch and smirk quietly to themselves validating their good behaviour and so feel superior.Others would say they are not judging but would switch their thoughts away from those judged and claim not to judge and just discard their existence saying they don’t fit into their lives so why bother ourselves.

The reality is we are all judging all the time, and if anyone looks at my life with all my skeletons, then I’m sure he can judge me all day and all night.

However, what I’m saying is that I would like anyone who judges me to understand me. And if they believe they can make me understand where I’m going wrong then make an effort to do so instead of just sending me away into that “trash bin” of wasted thoughts.

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